Nature's Little Game

by Kate Rowe

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released July 30, 2010

All songs written by Kate Rowe © 2010
Album credits:
Kate Rowe (guitar, vocals), Brett Hirst (double bass, fretless bass), Julia Day (drums), Marcello Maio (accordion), Phil Slater (trumpet), Paul Cutlan (clarinet), Andrew Evans (piccolo trumpet), John Stuart (electric guitar), Ryan Morrison (ukulele and harmonies)
Brass and wind arrangements by John Stuart
Produced by John Stuart, Ryan Morrison and Kate Rowe at Sound Heaven Studios
Mastered by Michael Lynch at Sound Heaven Studios.


all rights reserved



Kate Rowe Perth, Australia

Quirky songs for adults and kids. Topics include space rabbits, coffee, the Big Bang, blind dates and talking dogs.

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Track Name: Coffee My Lover
I saw you in the cafe
I loved you at first sight
You’re hot, you’re smooth and you’re sublime
You’re my first thought in the morning
My last desire at night
You’re in my veins I want you all the time

Coffee coffee you make me want to scream
Ooh my blood is thumping like a jungle in a dream
Coffee coffee I don’t want no other
Oh coffee my lover

I don’t like it instant
Loving should be long
When you sit and brew a while
You get all hot and strong
I am thirsty for you
All the long day through
When it’s time to drink you down
Lord you know I do


They say I’m addicted
They say you’re bad for me
They say you keep me up at night
But I sense their jealousy
My caffeinated lover you make me so delighted
When your scent is in the air I get so excited

Track Name: Deep Blue Sea
I love it when you wear that dark blue T-shirt
You look as gorgeous as the sea
It gives me cause to think about the depths in you
And about the depths in me
Caves and colours, oysters, pearls, silence and commotion
Every stripey fish a new idea, a new emotion
If you were a documentary by Jacques Cousteau, my friend
It would be called Beauty and it would never end

Deep blue sea
Reflects the starry sky above
Made of everything we ever were, and ever now will be
Deep blue sea
Deep blue love

Each of us is one entire ocean
Connected in the flow but not the same
Made of salt and water every one
We wash together but we each have our own name
Though I admire the treasures of your heart
Your pretty sea is yours and mine is mine
I know where you end I know where I start
And that is all there is
And that is just divine

Track Name: Song For Frank
Oh Frank we’re finished we’re through
I’ll never know your embrace
We almost blind-dated
But our friends hesitated
So we never got to first base
Oh Frank I’m sorry it’s over
But it’s all in the hands of our friends
They’ve been right through it
They say we can’t do it
And that’s how our love affair ends

Oh Frank my darling farewell
It’s over before it began
I’ll never know what it’s like in your arms/bedroom/bathroom/panel van
I don’t remember the light
In your blue/brown/hazel eyes
When you stroked my face/dog/ego
On that day of our final goodbyes

Oh Frank I’m sorry it’s over
Before it was love at first glance
I won’t forget you cause I never met you
It’s sure been a whirlwind romance
We could have been sharing our tea and our toast
But we never got past that old starting post
Of all the men that I’ve never loved
I’ve never loved you the most

We haven’t been through so much together
Just think of the things that we’ve missed
You never ran off with a waitress/postman
I never got angry/pissed
We never had kids, we never so much as kissed
I don’t even know if you know I exist
Frank you’re a mystery
And so is our history
Frank you’re a mystery to me

Track Name: Circus Song
Oh the world seems greyer today
Men with brooms sweep confetti away
Breakfast in a cafe’s just not the same
The circus has left town
Living in the morning after
The elephants have all gone home
The posters curl they’ve lost their glue
But I’m still here thinking of you

The world seems smaller today
The big top’s gone
They took it away
I try to like my coffee
But it’s not the same when you are not around
Living in the morning after
No acrobats to make me smile
The music’s gone, the magic too
But I’m still here thinking of you

And that day in the big top we suddenly met
And music shook the town
And the sun and moon flew trapeze
And the weathervanes spun round and round
Oh this town is empty
Oh it’s so damn quiet
Oh the feast is over, baby
And now I’m on a diet

Oh the world seems greyer today
Men with brooms sweep confetti away
Breakfast in a cafe’s just not the same
When you are not around
Track Name: Dusty Room
Take a good friend to your dusty room
The one with the ghosts, strange candelabras and mirrors of gloom
She’ll pore over maps, she’ll sigh at the ash where the phoenixes did not care to rise
Let her look at it all with new eyes

Let her open the windows
Let her come with her buckets and broom
She’s seen it all before
Let her see into your dusty room

She’ll laugh in her good-natured way
And talk about seasons and tides
You’ll see that it is kind of funny and normal besides
All that dust will never make diamonds
No matter how hard you hold on
Never make sense, and it’s taking the place of what is to come


And you’ll understand something grand
A vision of people and rooms
Bless us, we all have dusty halls, treasure troves, closets and tombs
Treasure troves, closets and tombs

And at last you will see that you are not the only one
Nothing too special, nothing new under the sun
And this you’ll see is good, and makes you feel relief
You don’t need to suffer, you don’t need this old grief
And the only thing left will be light from the moon
When you take a good friend into your dusty room
Track Name: The Tent
A tent is only nylon walls and rope
Strong in wind and safe from rain we hope
Carving out from empty air a space that wasn’t always there
A tent is only nylon walls and rope

A tent’s supposed to guard you from the night
But through its pores comes seeping in that underwater light
Until you’re dreaming helplessly underneath a starry sea
Underneath the night

At 3am our tents are breathing shells
They swallow us like Jonah on the brine
Ominously lurking in the morning gale
You in yours and me in mine

Sleeping humans in our tents
Keeping up our pale pretence
That we are safe, separate, apart
Sleeping humans in our tents
Keeping up our frail defence
Against the beating of each other’s heart

In the belly of the whale
Marooned with you
Nothing else exists and all the world is blue
I live for those waves along my skin
The thrill of being suddenly let in

And when it ends, as end it always must
A tent folds up and all that’s left is empty air and dust
There was no room there were no dreams
Nothing’s ever what it seems
All that’s left
All that’s left is empty air and dust
Track Name: The First Run Through
They say life is not a dress rehearsal
It makes my blood run cold
Cause when was the dress rehearsal
And why wasn’t I told
This cannot be the final show
It’s too messy to be true
Surely this must be the first run through

So take your joy when you find it in your hands
Bury your face in roses while they bloom for you
So what if you fall it’s only practice after all
Never mind it’s just the first run through

There is no cure for foolishness
There is no cure for new
Everybody stumbles in the first run through
But moments of sheer beauty happen
When you let them in
You don’t have to be perfect
You just have to begin


Say yes, say yes, don’t wait
Taste the feast that life has heaped up on your plate

Take your joy when you find it in your hands
When life holds out his hand across the crowded room for you
There’s nothing here to prove
Go ahead and bust a move
You might as well, it’s just the first run through
Track Name: If Only You Knew
If only
If only you knew
That I drink the thunder down when I look at you
If only
If only you knew
I’m a summer storm waiting to fall over you

Ooh I’m black and golden rolling cloud
Lit within by summer sun
All unsaid, all undone

If only
If only you knew
That something blue-white in me goes snap
When you walk in the room
If only
If only you knew
It’s like a thunderclap hoping to happen to you


I would say a red storm steams in a silver cup
As rich and dark as mulled thunder wine
I’d tell you that it curls exotic in my blood
And melts away in time

Darling the rain
The rain slips wasted, away
Down the window like these days do
Without you
Oh my love
If only you knew
Track Name: Dragon Orchid (How David Attenborough Saved My Love Life)
In West Australia grows a little orchid
Drakonorchis barbarossa is its name
Bizarrely, in a far out twist of nature
The female Thynnid wasp looks and smells just the same

The male wasp is fooled by the orchid
He tries to mate and gets the pollen stuck to his head
Next time he meets an orchid he passes pollen on
And this is how the Dragon Orchids spread

I was watching David Attenborough explain this
Marvelling at nature’s little game
When all at once it hit me
Oh my God, my love life’s just the same

Oh darlin’, you are my Dragon Orchid
I’m the wasp who’s always hanging round
I fly in singing love love love
But I can’t seem to get it off the ground

All those times I struggled to fly off with you
Wondering what the hell was going wrong
I thought you were the perfect wasp for me
But you’ve clearly been an orchid all along


Science calls it sexual deception
But I would call it unrequited love
It cheers me up to think my failed romances
May have some greater purpose that I can’t conceive of

So next time, oh next time that you fall in love
And the object of your love will not respond
Check very carefully the back of your head
Cause there’s some weird pollination going on
Track Name: Lover Come Closer
We’re like satellites
Shining silver all night
Circling the sweet smooth edges of each other’s light
But now that we’re dancing in rhythm
Now that I’m breathing with you
The look in your eyes tells me you’re feeling the way that I do

Oh lover, lover come closer
Closer to me
There’s space and there’s time
And there’s you and there’s me
You make it so easy
Oh you make it so easy
Lover, lover come closer
Closer to me

We’ve been around an orbit or two
We’re burnished by time down to a beautiful sheen
I’m in love with our scars
The hard-won souvenirs of the far flung places we’ve been
The touch of your hand tells me
That you know what I mean

Track Name: Space Rabbits of Brocklevoons (Acoustic Version)
I woke up in the morning, I wanted cereal
I went into the kitchen to get myself a bowl
And while I sat there eating, there was a flash of light
Suddenly in front of me appeared a freaky sight

They looked like normal rabbits except that they were pink
Wearing little space suits, standing in the sink, they said
Greetings Earthling we come from Brocklevoons
Do not try to stop us we’re here to take your spoons

Space Rabbits of Brocklevoons
Landed in my kitchen because they needed spoons
Space Rabbits of Brocklevoons
Landed in my kitchen because they needed spoons
Oh bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce
Bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce
Left left right right round and round and pounce! Hey!
Bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce
Bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce
Left left right right round and round and pounce! Hey!

I gave them all my spoons they took me in their ship
We travelled through the universe very very quick
Their little eyes were worried, their little eyes were grave
They said: We’re in a hurry, cause we’ve got ducks to save!


We got to Brocklevoons, we landed by a lake
I could see the rabbits had made a big mistake
They’d tried to make a place where they could jump and hop
They’d turned the lake to jelly so they could bounce on top

But no one told the ducks and all the ducks got stuck
Stuck inside the jelly, what awful rotten luck
We had to eat the jelly, we had to set them free
We took our spoons and got to work, the space rabbits and me


The ducks were very cross, the rabbits said: Don’t worry
We won’t do it again, we’re very very sorry!
The ducks forgave the rabbits and it began to rain
Everyone was happy, the lake filled up again

And then they took me home and gave me back my spoons
And told me I was welcome anytime on Brocklevoons
My cereal was waiting but after all that jelly
I couldn’t fit another thing into my big fat belly


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